About our family

Familien SchierenbeckAll in the family were excited about the long anticipated offsprings. Seven small St. Bernard’s dogs were born that day and Asta immediately became a loving and caring mother. We always assist in the birth and care for the puppies. We ensure that the mother is well, prevent any complications and care for the welps. With an emphasis on strong and healthy dogs, we provide a quiet and peaceful environment where the puppies receive intensive care during their first weeks.

From the 2nd week onwards, we start our so-called “socializing phase” in order to adapt the puppies to human sound and touch. From the 4th week onwards, the puppies start discovering their surrounding. In the annex to our farm, we provide a special dog-room, which is bright and cozy and is connected to the outside doggy-playground.

It is our special mission to give our puppies a new and caring home. Potential owners have the opportunity to visit the puppies in their natural habitat here at the farm and get accustomed to the dogs. We offer an ongoing advisory service to new owners.